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Internet Access...

AreYouOnline uses the latest technology to implement our network. This allows for tighter security that is efficient, reliable, stable and available. As such, you can enjoy affordably priced, always on fast broadband internet access without throttling or usage caps.

We welcome and encourage communities through aggressive competitive group pricing and features including free club house access. We also offer plans designed for groups such as a multi-occupant-buildings as apartments and office buildings. Communities enjoy additional discounts resulting in lower rates.

We understand the special needs of businesses and tailor packages to the unique requirements of each. We welcome businesses to experience the wireless broadband revolution.


Key Benefits: •Affordable. •Weather Proof. • Reliable •No Cable or Telephone Line Req'd. •Supports IPSEC & PPTP. •Supports Telecommuting. •Always On.

Customized Community Plans:

Key Benefits: •All the benefits of Individual Plan. •Low Group Rates. •Optional Network Ownership (private).Customized for each community.


Key Benefits: •All the benefits of Individual Plan. •Flexibility. •High Value For Price. •Connect all users in your Office for one low rate. •Static IP Address (Operate a Website or Email server). •Connect multiple offices. •Customized plans available.