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Simply put, Are You Online?

AreYouOnline.Net Inc. delivers high-speed broadband internet access without cables. Access should not only be available but secure, reliable, scalable, stable and efficient. With this in mind we have created a robust wireless platform supported by a fiber optic backbone.

In fact, during and immediately following severe weather, our service remained operational for customers. Over the last 18 years we have a 99.99% uptime.

Internet Access


No matter the size and purpose of your business, no matter where located or if a member of a commercial complex or association, we understand the special needs of businesses and tailor packages to suit your demanding and unique requirements.

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From single homes to community plans and condominimum associations, our revolutionary service offerings can accelerate your entry onto the internet highway while lowering your overall cost overtime.


Network Design & Optimization
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The need to connect multiple offices is greater than ever. The ability to have varying systems seamlessly communicate is a must. Let us harmonize your collaborating systems through proper design and configuration.

Leverage the uniqueness of your organization's structure, it's management and operation. An optimally network will improve the level of support afforded to business processes, security and applications applied to address the daily operational activities of the organization.

Computer Services

Support & Service

Focus on running your business while we keep your technology at peak performance. We offer vary levels of support from individual incident need to service contracts for network, hardware and software related issues. We support all popular and clone brands, operating systems and networking equipment.networking diagram

Our service offer addresses common problems as upgrades, optimization, security, repair, backups and restoration, cross-platform interoperability and many others. Give us a call and let us calm your computing anxiety.